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Freak or Unique?

Freak or Unique is a fiction book, due for publication in 2011. The story explores the emotional intelligence of modern women in relationships.  Through Lucinda’s journey, the story explores how modern women feel about relationships, how they relate to their partners, what they have settled for in the past and when it is okay to take a chance.   With Lucinda at the helm, you are in for an adventure.

Freak or Unique has been positively reviewed and described as "a fascinating and inspiring love thriller".  This book combines the right mix of narrative, conversation, wit and intelligence.  The compelling story tackles the serious theme of self-esteem and our capacity to love.


Impertinent Women?

Women in pursuit of the extraordinary!impertinent_women_cover4

was published in 2005 by Zeus Publishers. It is a passionate and insightful portrayal of modern women talking about the diversity of their lives and how this reflects on what they want from their relationships now.

Impertinent Women answers questions such as what modern women want from their relationships and in what ways their expectations have changed.


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