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The Four Myths of Self Promotion

Kelly Watson, Forbes Woman


It’s time to toot you horn!!

Want to make a woman feel uncomfortable? Just ask about her strengths.

It’s no stereotype: Studies show that women are notoriously bad at promoting themselves.

One study, from employee search firm ISR, attributes this trait to the high value women place on relationships and communities.

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On your bike Ms Jodie…


When you have a monumental birthday approaching, it is hard not to really start thinking about your life. 

Birthdays often serve as milestones in our lives where we check-in to see if life is progressing (as we think it should.)  If only life was this straight forward! 

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Elizabeth Gilbert, author of ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ gives wonderful, inspirational talk on creativity.

To write or not to write…

This week I was sent a list of the top 10 books for 2008.  Did you know that out of the 10, only 2 were written by women? For those who are interested the books are Unaccustomed Earth by Jhumpa Lahiri and When Will There be Good News by Kate Atkinson.  This got me thinking though, why are we not writing more?

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Poetry Anyone?

Recently I decided it was time to start further exploring the cultural revolution I have been hearing so much about in Brisbane.  “Speed Poets – this Sunday” I read with anticipation in the Sunday paper.

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No way, not for me

You may have read recently about Jodhi Meares and her sudden departure from Australia’s Next Top Model.  Some of you may be thinking – who cares? Well – I find it interesting that even though Jodhi is a model and TV personality, deep down she suffers from performance anxiety – like many people.  To be a celebrity you need to really like attention, so what gives?

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What went wrong?

Feminism is now a dirty word. A male friend remarked recently on the current demise of feminism, “Young women don’t understand how tough it was back in my mother’s day. She couldn’t even open a bank account without dad’s signature and if a woman wanted a drink at the local pub, her husband would bring a beer out to her in the car park, because she was not allowed to go in.”

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Princesses or Pornstars?

What’s it like being a young woman today? Feminists won the equal rights war back in the 70s, and young women today have it so much easier than their mothers, right? Wrong, argues Emily Maguire in her new book Princesses or Pornstars?

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For a long time women were left out of our history books. Instead women were either in the background supporting husbands, or achieving great results with little public recognition.  Today however we have moved from the shadows and are standing in the limelight of inspired thought and action. Inspiring women need not be famous or particularly well known.  Each day we meet inspiring women who in the smallest instance, can make us stop and reflect on our own lives.  By definition, if we feel a call to action, that woman has inspired us.

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