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Women in Business Update – April

What is the most important personal trait for an entrepreneur? It’s the people, stupid! Do you need to be really smart, determined, inspirational, visionary, organised, innovative or creative? Ideally, a bit of each would be great.

Networking can be enriching for female entrepreneurs.  The interaction with other business owners is one way to get around entrenched, old-boy groups to grow sales, but it goes beyond building relationships. Women need to leverage their networks, one expert says.

12 Tips for PR Targeting and Marketing to Women! The Buyer Group CEO Lisa Buyer subscribes to award-winning copywriter and branding consultant Stuart Dornfield’s email gems of wisdom. Stuart’s latest email is especially invaluable to those in the Social PR mix, so we wanted to share:

10 Ways To Market To Women On Facebook  Brette Borow, author or the Girls Guide To… series, suggests the top 10 musts for marketing to women on Facebook.

It costs more to lose women in science than keep them.  An industry that loses its highly skilled workers when they take time out of the workforce is doomed to fail.  Yet a successful scientific career relies on continuous research output – this practice is both unsustainable and unrealistic.

Investors back more women on boards! The debate about women in the workforce is never far from the headlines.

Four in 10 Small Businesses Planning Cloud Computing, Says Microsoft.   Almost 40 percent of SMEs expect to be paying for one or more cloud services within three years, according to a Microsoft report.

Small Business News: Entrepreneur Tips and Tricks  Entrepreneurs must wear many hats. Here are tips for just about all of them. Mastering various aspects of your business is an important aspect of what you do. Keep learning. Keep reading. Let this small business news roundup from Small Business Trends be your starting point.

Everything You Know About Entrepreneurship May Be Wrong. Perhaps you have an idea for a new business or your corporation is looking to grow into new areas. What should be your first step? Size the market? Write a business plan? Put together a pitch to raise funding? Start building your product?

Three Cool Ways Entrepreneurs Use iPads for Business  The iPad 2 may be on many consumers' wishlists, but should you buy in?  Some entrepreneurs may be on the fence — perhaps deterred by the up to $829 price tag or the up-to-five-week wait. Others may think the Apple device is overhyped and not as useful as some say.

The Man Behind Google Docs on Opportunities in the Cloud for Small Business  Jonathan Rochelle, 47, knows what Google can do for a small business. As group product manager for Google Docs, he is responsible for developing some of the Web giant's most innovative small-business software. Google Docs grew out of a Web spreadsheet company he started and sold to Google in 2005. Rochelle also plays an advisory role in Google's secretive process of acquiring startups.

Are You A Small Business, A Startup, Or An Entrepreneur?  I hear these three terms used interchangeably, but in my mind, they all mean slightly different things. It’s semantics, of course, but here’s my take on what these three words mean. Which do you identify with the most? 

Small Businesses Looking to Change the World Through Social Media  You named your small business, you set up a Web site, and you even started seeing profits from it. What's next? You could set up a profile page on a social networking site, such as Facebook or Myspace. And/or you may want to head to Twitter, the member-based site that boasts of allowing you to virtually shout your company's message from a technological rooftop.

Businesswomen urged to go it alone  ONE of Australia's leading female executives has urged women to throw in their corporate jobs and start their own businesses if their talents are not being recognised.

Female entrepreneurs reject boards for start-ups  A new survey, conducted by Executive Women of Australia, highlights the reasons why more women are choosing to start their own businesses rather than climb the corporate ladder.

The Year of the Solo Entrepreneur  Entrepreneurs started more businesses in 2010 – about 565,000 per month – than at any time in the past 15 years, according to the Kauffman Index of Entrepreneurial Activity, an indicator of new business creation. Unfortunately for the economy — and job seekers — fewer new business owners are looking for employees.

Australia's top female entrepreneurs for 2011  There’s a strong argument that the past year has been a landmark one for Australia’s female leaders.

Australia lags behind Thailand on women bosses – study  AUSTRALIA has more women in senior management jobs than the global average, but it is still streets behind the world's forerunner, Thailand.

What does she want? Same thing he's having  Let's get one thing straight: women want it just as much as men.  Just as society has managed to shake off the shibboleth that women have lesser sexual desire than men, it's now time to also rid ourselves of the fantasy that women do not crave positions of power and influence as much as their male counterparts.

Brisbane Women is a free women in business network.  We pride ourselves on providing interesting and valuable content for our members, all women in their own business and solo entrepreneurs.  If you would like to contribute your own business articles or others that you have found of value, then please email mail@brisbanewoman.com with ‘Women in Business Update’ in the subject line.  We will endeavour to publish and share this with our talented business network.

Women in Business Update – March

Female entrepreneurs and the 'lifestyle business' Over the past couple of decades we have seen a steady increase in the number of women becoming entrepreneurs. At Belmont University, for example, 45 percent of students studying entrepreneurship are women. Across the country, women now make up more than 40 percent of all entrepreneurs as well.  While the number of women choosing an entrepreneurial career path is approaching that of their male counterparts, the factors that motivate or drive female entrepreneurs are often quite different.


New Book: Single. Women. Entrepreneurs.  Women are now earning more, going to college and graduate schools more, and finding ways to become more indepedent. Also, according to the Kauffman Foundation, single, divorced and widowed women start more businesses as entrepreneurs than men in their respective categories.


Overlooked Small-Business Tax Deductions: 5 Things You Need to Know  In business, just about every expense you have can become a tax break. In most cases, you can subtract the expense from your revenue to determine your profit (or loss) for tax purposes.

Small Business News: What’s Your Brand?  What’s your brand? Branding in small business can be the key to success. When marketing globally or locally, branding sets you apart. But there is much more to establishing a brand for yourself or your business than might at first meet the eye. In a world of infinite choices, it is one of the most important ways you can distinguish your business or yourself as an entrepreneur. Let the following roundup be your guide to the art and science branding for your small business.

7 Tips to a Better Small Business Website   With the economy the way it is right now, many of us are looking for ways to improve our situation. For some that is starting a small business. In the internet age that means having your small business on the web with a business website. If you are going to be successful in your small business, you need an effective website that ranks high in the search engines. That means understanding search engine optimization and using it to your best ability. Here are seven tips that will help any business achieve better online search rankings:

Study: Small Businesses Favour Facebook.  Facebook, with its 500 million active users and (unofficial) movie and books, is also quite the hit with small businesses, according to a new report.  MerchantCircle found that Facebook is the favorite online marketing service of small businesses, and Facebook Places is doing quite well, too.

Brisbane Women is a free women in business network.  We pride ourselves on providing interesting and valuable content for our members, all women in their own business and solo entrepreneurs.  If you would like to contribute your own business articles or others that you have found of value, then please email mail@brisbanewoman.com with ‘Women in Business Update’ in the subject line.  We will endeavour to publish and share this with our talented business network.

Women in Business Update – February

3 Winning Startups and Keys to Success.  What do award-winning entrepreneurs have in common? The \three here won the Entrepreneur.com Entrepreneur of the Year awards for 2010.

Top 10 Reasons Small Businesses Fail: One of the least understood aspects of entrepreneurship is why small businesses fail, and there’s a simple reason for the confusion: Most of the evidence comes from the entrepreneurs themselves.

Why So Many Men and Woman Fail In Affiliate Marketing: Much more and A lot more people today are lured into affiliate advertising and also you may be one of them. Indeed, affiliate advertising is among the most useful signifies of generating a full-time earnings by way of the web.

7 Reasons Why Internet Marketing Works Well For Women: Internet marketing, or marketing a product/business on the internet, is fast becoming a popular way to build a business. It appeals because you don’t need your own product to be successful, you have a market that shops while you sleep and you can work at your own pace.

Brand Yourself an Entrepreneur: The two major benefits of branding yourself an entrepreneur are 1) You give yourself a better chance of remaining with and growing in your current job or business, and 2) If you are forced to seek out new employment or self employment, your value-based entrepreneurial skills will serve you well in landing a better opportunity quickly and painlessly.

Brisbane Women is a free women in business network.  We pride ourselves on providing interesting and valuable content for our members, all women in their own business and solo entrepreneurs.  If you would like to contribute your own business articles or others that you have found of value to your business, then please email mail@brisbanewoman.com with 'Women in Business Update' in the subject line.  We will endeavour to publish and share this with our talented business network.

Social Media Interview

I was recently interview by the talented Megan Hills from My Marketing Thing to discuss how I use social media for Brisbane Woman…

Hobnob Angel, Kylie Welsh sheds light on Twitter and Facebook

Kylie Welsh uses social marketing tools better than anyone I know…except maybe Seth Godin (with that said, Kylie seems more enthusiastic about Twitter than Seth).

Kylie is founder and director of Brisbane Woman – an organisation that is dedicated to promoting, educating and connecting women in business. She’s usually co-ordinating a busy schedule of networking/workshop nights and masterclasses. But don’t worry if you’re not in Brisbane. Kylie also has a great blog (where there’s also a free member directory) and is about to launch the first of many Brisbane Woman webinars.

If you ever see Kylie you will notice that she is ALWAYS wearing a beautiful dress, looks wonderful in glasses and – for such a dynamic hobnobber – somehow maintains a sweet, quiet humility…quite rare these days.

Perhaps it’s because Kylie’s a genuine enthusiast – rather than a big ‘me’ megaphone – that social marketing has worked well for spreading the word about Brisbane Woman.  Read the full Social Media interview here!

Women in Business Update – January

Female board directors bloom in Australia:   TRAVEL and accommodation company Wotif appointed its first \female director in the past six months — chartered accountant Kaylene Gaffney. The posting marks further small steps forward on the long road to get more gender balance on the boards of corporate Australia.

Great Special Report: Top 5 Facebook Case Studies from 2010

Small Business News: Our Outlook for 2011 Don’t worry about the future outlook of small business as 2011 dawns. Sure there are some challenges but just look at the opportunities. We’ve cobbled together an end of the year roundup with some tips to inspire you. Happy New Year!

Technology tops 2011 resolutions for small business: (Reuters) – Charlie Raines has resolved to become more Web savvy in the New Year in order to haul in business overseas for his fledgling Florida-based seafood company.

9 Essential SEO Tips For Small Business In 2011:  The end of a decade is upon us and as we ring in and welcome the new year, we do so by building upon what we have accomplished and hopes of achieving our new goals we have set forth. Social media has broken down the communication barriers and helped to pave the way for small businesses to emerge and thrive. While we continue to see growth amongst users within social media, we cannot overlook the power of search engine optimization and getting found.

Small Businesses Get Futuristic: From batteries that breathe air to traffic-free commutes, the next five years will be full of futuristic technology that will transform the way you work and play, according to predictions from IBM

How to Navigate a Small Business through Economic Turbulence: Small businesses were among the hardest-hit by the economic free fall and many are still reeling from the effects. Each time the economy takes a dive, even the most steadfast small business owners contemplate drastic measures such as overhauling the company, including a new mission statement and purpose. Fortunately there’s a better option: modest transformation while maintaining your company’s core values. Here are some tips to weather the storm without losing your corporate identity.

Women in Business November Update

HOW TO: Get the Most From a Small Business Social Media Presence.  Today's reality is that your business needs to be on social media, but the mere existence of your business on sites like Facebook and Twitter doesn't guarantee a single sale, or even a single referral. In order for businesses to succeed in the social media space, they need to be properly educated on what works and what doesn’t. More importantly, business owners need to have realistic goals about what they'll get out of social media.

Five dangers of small business inertia – are you at risk?Sometimes, the biggest factor holding your business back is so small you can barely see it. In fact, it can be imperceptible – because it doesn't move, it's doesn't take up any space, and it's existence doesn't change a thing. I'm talking about inertia.

Women Entrepreneurs: Does Your Business Need a Man?  I know that women are more than capable of building thriving businesses and more and more of us are doing just that. I have met thousands of women entrepreneurs since starting She Takes on the World and I love hearing about the successes of women entrepreneurs who took the leap and became their own bosses. But can women achieve even more in business by working with a man?

What should a small business' website do?Someone recently told me that he considers a company's website to be so important, and so fundamental, that it is the "the business card of the 21st century."  Close, but no cigar.  I think my associate understates it.

Marketing to Women: 5 Tips for Email Marketing for Holidays.  Email volume is expected to grow 15-20% for the 2010 Holiday Season.  I am already getting emails reminding me of gift cards, easy shopping and holiday gift guides, and it is just the first week of November.  It’s no secret that retailers are eager to get their share of the 2-4% expected jump in holiday sales.

Target Marketing – Are You Making These Three Mistakes With Your Target Market? Defining your target market is the best first step to take if you are looking to open a new business or if you want to build up an existing business. Yet entrepreneurs and small business owners often short circuit this key step, jumping right into a business they are passionate about. It’s great to be passionate about your business, but if you want to make money you also need to know that others are passionate about what you love, too.

 Men and Women and the Inbox: Is There Real Impact?  We can’t turn ourselves off as we participate in business or leisure, and so we also bring our gender identity and attributes to every activity, including reading e-mail messages. Given the impact of gender, is it a good idea for you to customize e-mail messaging between men and women?

AUS report: Women entrepreneurs – 18 inspiring tales of small business success  In a country where 95% of businesses are small business, women now comprise at least One third of all small business owners, significantly contributing to this way of working.

Lessons Small Business Can Learn from Corporate Australia  Lynette Mayne has held senior positions in large organisations all over the world. Her achievements are many and her resume extremely impressive. She has a Prime Minister’s Prime Minister’s Centenary Award for leadership in industry. Lynette is the owner of Work Wear World, a leading supplier of work apparel to some of Australia’s largest corporations. In this interview she tells us about her transition from big business to a smaller enterprise, the challenges she has faced, skills she has drawn on, and success she has achieved.

Serial entrepreneurs profit from past mistakes  Serial entrepreneurs have a huge advantage over newcomers to the startup game because they bring a potent combination of experience, reputation and contacts to the table.

Legal Tips For Every Entrepreneur  As an entrepreneur, you’ve clearly got a ton of drive, passion, and determination. You’re committed to your business and your customers. You’re an expert in your products or services. But more than likely, you don’t know much about corporate regulations and company filings. And let’s face it: you didn’t exactly start a business to wade through legal fine print and tax laws.

20 Best Marketing And Social Media Blogs By Women

blogpicFollowing on from our remarkable BLOGGING talk on Tuesday night with Yaro Starak from Entrepreneurs Journey, at our Brisbane Woman monthly network and workshop event I have not been able to stop thinking about blogging! 

Yaro’s talk really did have a profound impact on me and the way I view my business.  Since then I have been researching top female bloggers and came across this detailed list which I believe will be of interest to all our talented female business owners.  There are many awesome female bloggers on here – growing and expanding their databases every day through sharing their passions.  Many are from the US but given our  modern global market place, location is of less relevance today in the business world.  I’ve included the Australian Top Female Blogger list at the bottom too. 

Using the tips you learn from Yaro, it seems the opportunities are endless for all us right now.  Yaro has an excellent free report from his website called ‘Blog Profits Blueprint’ which has heaps of quality content to get you started.   So if you haven’t downloaded a copy then I would highly recommend you do this!  I would love to hear your thoughts at the end of the article too.

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Women in Business September Update

Please click on title to read the full article.girl

Marketing Makeovers for 9 Small Businesses The idea for Project Rev was hatched after research conducted by the Deluxe Corporation revealed what many of us already knew: many small-business owners lack marketing training and they experience more misses than hits in their initial marketing efforts.

Marketing to Women and the 10 Simple Laws You Must Not Break!  I’ve uncovered some powerful videos by Ann Sieg, and while watching the one below, I had a major ah’ha moment! The video about marketing to women, triggered a memory I had of 10 simple laws that would serve us all well in our marketing!  Break one of these laws and you’re going to turn your female buyers off and lose the sale!


Women in Business August Update

Please click on title to read the full article.girl

Australian Labor Party – Small Business Policy.

Australian Liberal Party – Small Business Policy.

Australia's top small businesses want tax relief. A survey of 100 of Australia’s top small and medium businesses has nominated company tax cuts as the most important action the federal government could take to better demonstrate its support of the sector.

Queensland Business Recognized as Australian Business of the Year. Sunshine Coast cased entrepreneur Sandy Forster has taken out the top honour in the 2010 Australian Home-bases Business Awards where she was awarded Australian Business of the Year at a ceremony held in Melbourne, Austrlian over the weekend.

Women Feel Stereotyped by Wealth Managers. According to the study, 55% of respondents said wealth managers must improve how they approach the advisory needs of women. Discontent was highest among women with $1 million to $5 million in assets under management.

20 Best-Branded Women On Twitter. This list of "best-branded" women on Twitter comprises travel experts, political bloggers, former models, social media gurus to happiness experts and TV producers. Despite their disparate backgrounds, all have one primary thing in common: They utilize social media to help promote their brand as well as a larger cause and always "give back" to the Twitter community.

Why Women Rock in Business!  Lorrie Thomas, Web Marketing Lecturer ?n? practiced ?n women ?n? marketing, keynotes th? Women’s Economic Ventures (WEV) THINK BIG! Event

How Women Use the Web [REPORT]. More women than men across the world visit social networking sites and spend 30% more time per month using them.

Women still struggling to break into family business: Report. A new study of Australia's family business sector has revealed women are still struggling to break into family-owned firms, with just 11% of family businesses owned by women and sons five times more likely to become CEO than daughters.

Are we entering The Age of Women?  For the past century women's progress has been cast as a struggle for equality with men. But what if equality isn't the end point? What if modern postindustrial society is simply better suited to women?

The Four Myths of Self Promotion

Kelly Watson, Forbes Woman


It’s time to toot you horn!!

Want to make a woman feel uncomfortable? Just ask about her strengths.

It’s no stereotype: Studies show that women are notoriously bad at promoting themselves.

One study, from employee search firm ISR, attributes this trait to the high value women place on relationships and communities.

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