Women in Business Updates

Women in Business April Update

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Are You Driving Away Female Consumers With Your Messaging?

Are Women Business Owners Really Second Class Entrepreneurs?

31 Exceptional Strategies for Marketing to Today's Woman

Executive Mentoring For Women: Australia Initiates Business Mentoring Program for Women

Are Women Indecisive?

3 Secret SEO Tips for Women Owned Small Business Sites

New Plan For More Australian Women in Big Business

7 Steps to Appealing to Women

Women Handle Recessions Better

How To: Integrate Your Internet Marketing Tools for Powerful Results

Women in Business March Update

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 Women face earning curve on pay

Consumer Reports: Products women pay more for

E-mail marketing still strong despite social media buzz

Women Are Looking To Build Wealth And To Have Financial Freedom!

New book: How to talk so men will listen

Australia's top female entrepreneurs

The wealthy women list

Why Women Are the Biggest Emerging Market

Germaine Greer – Change is a feminist issue

Scary – One in five women in Australia don't trust men with their shared finances

92% of Australian women say gender balance not equal in the workplace

Why women should aim for the top!

Email marketing still remains strong in business

Honey, Don't Bother Mommy. I'm Too Busy Building My Brand.

Women control Word of Mouth marketing … are you taking advantage?

New stats: Part Time Entrepreneurs on The Rise.

December Wise Woman Update

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Small Business: pay gap between women and men comes under scrutiny

The challenges of trying to be a modern superwoman

The bar is still a lonely place for women barristers 

"Tight leash" trapping professional women

General Business Advice

 How to optimise your emails for search

Expert Q & A: common mistakes that new business owners make

November Wise Woman Update

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Australian women fall victim to growing wage gapgirl1

Pay audits plan in campaign for equal wages for women

Gen Y Women: Sharing it all online

Working mothers are copping the brunt

New Figures: More than half of Australian women will face sexual or physical violence

Talk to the hand: why women "switch off" over money

Breasts of Aussie women getting larger

Listen Up, Marketers: Women Aren’t Telling You The Whole Truth

Pregnancy still hinders career progression: survey

General Business Advice

Expert Q & A – Recognize and Avoid Common Small Business Mistakes

Have You Tried Marketing Your Business With Facebook?

Email Being Replaced by Social Networks? Not So Fast Wall St. Journal

Loyal Visitors but Small Share from Social Sites

27 Articles on reactivation campaigns

Reactivating inactive subscribers in your business

October Wise Woman Update


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Push for establishment of register of women in SMEs to encourage more female directors

Grumpy old women? Try 50, fit and fabulous!

Put more women on corporate boards, says Sex Discrimination Commissioner

High Paying Jobs for Women Are Often Non-Traditional Jobs

One for the Records – Five Women Win Nobel Prizes in 2009

Getting a handle on what drives women to buy

Women`s Groups and Businesses Create a Conduit with Their Communities and Get Access to Millions of New Users

Women-Focused Networks Are Reaching More and More Women…

22 Things You Don’t Know About Your Customers

Seven Ways to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

Entrepreneurs create their own recovery

Australian Women Still Face Gender Discrimination on Their Way to the Board Room Reveals New Report.

Australian population boom breeds economic fortune.

Australian mums are using social networking websites to maintain relationships

Does networking really work?

Stop telling me I’d be happier in the kitchen.

Expert Q&A, affordable small business marketing in our economy.

September Girlie Updates

Women still face a steep climb to the top table

Oz women get less than 2hrs of ‘me time’ per week

We’re not homebirth wingnuts, we just want equal treatment

The secret to surviving your first three years in business

Breast self examinations lagging: poll

Stay-at-home mums the ‘hidden unemployed’

Breast cancer deaths fall: study

Brands are failing women

How to become powerful forces in the workplace

Wage downgrade degrades women

Vaccine may stop breast cancer

QLD Business Woman shine at awards

Why woman are delaying parenthood

New Book, "WOMEN WANT MORE," Reveals How Companies Can Capture Their Share of the World’s Largest, Fastest-Growing Market

Australia explores new roles for female soldiers

Are women really ignoring social media marketing?

Separating the women from the mums with on-line marketing


August Girlie Updates

Blog Chicks ‘Top 100 Australian Female Bloggers.’

New reseach: Work-life balance worse for women girl2

New reseach: Women struggle with full time

Aussie blokes make the worst husbands

Are self employed women the lucky ones?

Let’s put the fun back into feminisn, forget about burning bras!

Late motherhood: time for a vital wake-up call

The new marketing target: Gamma Women

Are we drinking too much because of stress?

More women in the boardroom – how do we make it happen?

Meet the Sunshine Coast’s most outstanding business women.

The smart women’s guide to getting hired.

Addressing the needs of women will grow your business.

How many handbags does a woman need?

Like-mindedness is better than age in marketing to women

Paid maternity leave on the rise report

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July Girlie Updates

Feminist Icon Gloria Steinem speaks to Gen Y

Love Bite: Women sink teeth into urban fantasy novelsgirl1

Modern women turn to ‘Superfoods.’

Cate Blanchett honoured at Australian Women of Style awards

Malnourised women just aren’t interesting any more

New study – smare women have better sex

Women feeling hemmed in by work hours, a new study shows.

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June Girlie Updates

New research about working mums and breastfeeding. girl

The great debate – sexes split over what they find attractive. 

Farrah Fawcett – Feminist Icon?

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