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Women in Business: Audio Products-Easy, Cheap and Powerful!


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In this week's Success Tip, we talk about The Power of Audio!

This will include:

* Why audio is a great place to start with Information Products

* Why audio works so well with your new customers

* The tools you'll need to get you started

* How to record your first audio product

* How to prepare yourself for your first interview      

Women in Business: Creating Multiple Streams of Income


In this week's Success Tip, we talk about Creating Multiple Streams of Income!

The video explores the potential income streams for your business. I take you through the process of how I transitioned my business, from one income stream into thirteen different income streams!

Women in Business November Update

HOW TO: Get the Most From a Small Business Social Media Presence.  Today's reality is that your business needs to be on social media, but the mere existence of your business on sites like Facebook and Twitter doesn't guarantee a single sale, or even a single referral. In order for businesses to succeed in the social media space, they need to be properly educated on what works and what doesn’t. More importantly, business owners need to have realistic goals about what they'll get out of social media.

Five dangers of small business inertia – are you at risk?Sometimes, the biggest factor holding your business back is so small you can barely see it. In fact, it can be imperceptible – because it doesn't move, it's doesn't take up any space, and it's existence doesn't change a thing. I'm talking about inertia.

Women Entrepreneurs: Does Your Business Need a Man?  I know that women are more than capable of building thriving businesses and more and more of us are doing just that. I have met thousands of women entrepreneurs since starting She Takes on the World and I love hearing about the successes of women entrepreneurs who took the leap and became their own bosses. But can women achieve even more in business by working with a man?

What should a small business' website do?Someone recently told me that he considers a company's website to be so important, and so fundamental, that it is the "the business card of the 21st century."  Close, but no cigar.  I think my associate understates it.

Marketing to Women: 5 Tips for Email Marketing for Holidays.  Email volume is expected to grow 15-20% for the 2010 Holiday Season.  I am already getting emails reminding me of gift cards, easy shopping and holiday gift guides, and it is just the first week of November.  It’s no secret that retailers are eager to get their share of the 2-4% expected jump in holiday sales.

Target Marketing – Are You Making These Three Mistakes With Your Target Market? Defining your target market is the best first step to take if you are looking to open a new business or if you want to build up an existing business. Yet entrepreneurs and small business owners often short circuit this key step, jumping right into a business they are passionate about. It’s great to be passionate about your business, but if you want to make money you also need to know that others are passionate about what you love, too.

 Men and Women and the Inbox: Is There Real Impact?  We can’t turn ourselves off as we participate in business or leisure, and so we also bring our gender identity and attributes to every activity, including reading e-mail messages. Given the impact of gender, is it a good idea for you to customize e-mail messaging between men and women?

AUS report: Women entrepreneurs – 18 inspiring tales of small business success  In a country where 95% of businesses are small business, women now comprise at least One third of all small business owners, significantly contributing to this way of working.

Lessons Small Business Can Learn from Corporate Australia  Lynette Mayne has held senior positions in large organisations all over the world. Her achievements are many and her resume extremely impressive. She has a Prime Minister’s Prime Minister’s Centenary Award for leadership in industry. Lynette is the owner of Work Wear World, a leading supplier of work apparel to some of Australia’s largest corporations. In this interview she tells us about her transition from big business to a smaller enterprise, the challenges she has faced, skills she has drawn on, and success she has achieved.

Serial entrepreneurs profit from past mistakes  Serial entrepreneurs have a huge advantage over newcomers to the startup game because they bring a potent combination of experience, reputation and contacts to the table.

Legal Tips For Every Entrepreneur  As an entrepreneur, you’ve clearly got a ton of drive, passion, and determination. You’re committed to your business and your customers. You’re an expert in your products or services. But more than likely, you don’t know much about corporate regulations and company filings. And let’s face it: you didn’t exactly start a business to wade through legal fine print and tax laws.

So what’s holding back so many women business owners?

Picture by Andrea Levy By SHARON G. HADARY, The Wall Street JournalPicture by Andrea Levy

The phenomenal growth of women-owned businesses has made headlines for three decades—women consistently have been launching new enterprises at twice the rate of men, and their growth rates of employment and revenue have outpaced the economy.

So, it is dismaying to see that, despite all this progress, on average, women-owned business are still small compared with businesses owned by men. And while the gap has narrowed, as of 2008—the latest year for which numbers are available—the average revenues of majority women-owned businesses were still only 27% of the average of majority men-owned businesses.

There are those who will say that these numbers substantiate what they always knew: Women just don’t have what it takes to start and run a substantial, growing business. But I don’t buy that: More than a quarter of a million women in the U.S. own and lead businesses with annual revenue topping $1 million—and many of these businesses are multimillion-dollar enterprises. Clearly, many women have the vision, capacity and perseverance to build thriving companies.

So what’s holding back so many women business owners?

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Wealth Creation For Women

money1Wealth creation and freedom are no longer a part of the boys club.  Many smart, savvy women are now creating financial freedom.  Our banks, investment companies and financial planners specifically target these financially sophisticated females.  It’s hard to believe that wealth creation for women was an unheard of industry 10 years ago! 

When you are starting out, the road to financial freedom can seem daunting, if not a little overwhelming.  But like all areas, the key to success is educating yourself, gaining confidence and taking action.  I spoke to Dale Gillham, CEO of Wealth Within about this recently.   He has some great advice on this topic so please check out his article below.

Looking to achieve financial independence early?

Financial independence is a goal many strive to achieve, yet only a few accomplish.

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The housing market for women…

realestateGiven the positive movement in our economic climate, many women are now reconsidering their current financial options.  I spoke to Olivia Maragna from Aspire Retire Financial Services about this recently.  Olivia has kindly answered 2 pressing questions, particularly for those considering buying into the housing market for the first time:

To buy or rent currently?

Home loans – to fix or not?
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Shop til you drop…

shopping1Who doesn’t love going out and spending money?  ‘Retail therapy’ has been a long held comforting tradition for many when our emotional barometer hits stormy waters.  

Our love of shopping and living beyond our means has now become a way of life for many Australians, with Australia’s credit card bill reaching an all time high. 

According to a recent report by The Reserve Bank of Australia, our credit card debt is at the record level of $44 billion.  These figures also show that the national credit card debt average is more than $3200 per person. 

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