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Anne Aleckson, Step up to JOY! Anne is a coach, author, speaker & energy worker whose work focuses on sharing how you can step into the life of your dreams and start living happily ever after, right now!  Visit or call Anne (07) 3216 2329

Alison Skate, Personnel Development Solutions. Alison is the Principal Psychologist and Workplace Coach for Personnel Development Solutions. She specialises in assisting organisations to generate high levels of employee engagement and commitment, resulting in greater productivity, improved performance indicators, lower staff turnover, and higher group cohesion. For more information contact Alison on 07 3010 9745 or visit

Barbara Johnson, Elite Results Coach.  0419 663 918

Corinne Torres, Results Coaching Pty Ltd.  I am a certified Coach & Trainer with national and international accreditations and a track record of delivering improved outcomes and performance. I am skilled in both accelerating results for already high performers or assisting those who are troubled to resolve issues and challenges. My focus is on solving the unresolved emotions behind the nagging personal performance, confidence and behavior problems you and your organization are looking to overcome. 1:1 or Group Coaching – Workshops & Seminars.  Please call Corinne on 0412 928 260 or visit for more information.

Danielle Wicks, Business Coach. ActionCoach. ActionCoach provides business coaching services to help you succeed in your business.

Jane Sweetser. Kreative Solutions Coaching For Life. We can help with Life purpose/direction/focus/ clarity/power/expansion/goals; Career change/expansion/goals; Turning fear into confidence; Turning confusion into clarity; Turning obstacles into triumphs; Physical health & wellbeing; Weight loss/change/improvement; Moving from unwanted habits to wanted habits; Happiness, peace of mind & feeling good about yourself; Personal growth & development; Business growth & development; Self-worth/esteem/empowerment.  Call Jane on 0424 418 150 or visit

Janelle Manton.  Director, Top Secret Women’s Business.  Coach, writer and speaker.  Janelle is extremely passionate about teaching women how to reveal themselves Real & Raw, how to get a little Wild and truly find their Inner Voice.

Joan Weir, Business & Personal Coaching.  My areas of expertise include ‘helping women succeed in business – and in life!’ Do you need help getting your business going? You’ve got lots of ideas for your business, done the research and even tried to coach yourself, yet your business just doesn’t quite reflect where you want it to be. You may want to talk to me about coaching. For a free Business Strategy Session visit or call  0431 766 461 

Julie-Anne Wood, Sacred Fire Productions. Julie-Anne's areas of expertise are Life Coaching, Consulting and Counselling. For more information contact Julie-Anne on 617 3869 4554 or visit

Lisa Murray.  Peak Performance Strategist.  REVIVE Business Coaching.  In a nutshell, Lisa revives profits, people and perspectives! Lisa is a specialist small business coach and mentor focusing on peak performance, business startups and helping stressed business owners regain control of their life and business. Her holistic techniques help small business owners solve their biggest challenges with ease. Sign-up for workshops, free teleseminars and more useful coaching tips at or call Lisa on 0404 063513 to book your free 30 minute introductory laser coaching session.

Liz Cassidy.  Third Sigma International.  Performance Excellence; Outcome Achievement; Leadership Development; Executive Coaching; Values, Passion & Purpose Elicitation; Results.

Terri Cook, Success Zone Coaching. I show women how to get more clients, earn more money and have more lifestyle.  If you are in small business and are struggling to get clients, maintain the ones you have, trying unsuccessfully to juggle work and homelife, then please contact me to discuss how I can help.  Visit for more information or call Terri on (07) 32626070.

Vicki Lennox. Emerging Swan Coaching. I am a life coach who helps those women who feel like "ugly ducklings" realise that in fact, they are beautiful emerging swans.  I am the creator of the Emerging Swan Employment Preparation Program for school leavers and first time job seekers and long-term unemployed women looking to return to the workforce.  Join the Emerging Swan Coaching MasterMind applications now being accepted. For more information please call Vicki on (07) 3299 6284 / 0423 314 121 or visit

Desolie Page, Perfect Pages. Desolie, an Accredited Editor, sharpens your writing and makes you a better writer that you ever thought you could be. Editing, proofreading and copywriting, as well as business and technical writing workshops are part of Desolie's services. If you're a writer, don't publish before you've consulted an editor. Contact Desolie on 07 3289 1647 or

Selina Draper, Amira Project. The main areas of expertise are Fundraising, event management, self esteem awareness for young women. Selina can be contacted on 0409578598 or visit

Joanne MangionCouple Dynamics. They offer Business and relationship coaching for:

* Couples in business together

* Business oriented couples running business seperately

* Couples who own a business where one partner operates the business and the other works elsewhere

* Couples who own a business where one partner operates the business and the other may be unpaid and running multiple roles as stay at home mum while providing administrative and back office support 

* Couple who are looking to start up a business together and want to get it right from the start

* Professional couples who work in separate professional or executive positions

For more information visit or call on 0400 691 411.

Claire Beavis, evolution red. At evolution red we're passionate about helping businesses grow through successful and sustainable change. We’re flexible with our solutions, and we'll tailor them to suit your needs. We can work with you to get clarity around strategic direction and action plans, fine-tune a structure or process, or perhaps you need our help with individual or team coaching to change attitudes and develop capabilities. If you're ready for change, then we'd love to talk to you. You can call us on 1300 044 715, email us at, or visit our website at

Samantha Gowing, Gowings Food Health Wealth. Motivational Keynote Speaker; Social Media, Online Marketing & The Internet; Organic Food and Healthy Eating for Stress Management; Mindset Mentoring and Creating Change. Award Winning Nutritionist and former Restauratuer; Judge for Gold Coast & Northern NSW Restaurant industries. For more information visit or call on 02 6685 5400.

Anita, ABS Business Sales. Specialising is assisting people to sell their business, and also assists  buyers to make an appropriate choice when looking to purchase a business. Expertise in negiotating the successful sale of a business. For more information visit or call on 0410 662 840.
Wyomie Robertson, Transform Life Coaching.Coaching gets what you want FAST! Giving clarity, focus, motivation & results to any area of your life that you want to sort out or succeed in! Specialising in personal, sole business owners, sport and weight loss. An investment in yourself that will last a life time. Transform Life Coaching is a professional, successful Brisbane-based business. Call me today… For more information visit or call on 0400377808.
Carla Turnbull, Business Breakthrough Freedom Formula. I typically work with busy women small business owners, solo entrepreneurs and professionals who have the challenge of increasing cash flow with limited time or resources and find themselves stuck in the cycle of overwhelm. I help to create new income streams by utilizing current resources more efficiently and help achieve greater levels of peak performance using rapid behaviour change technologies. My aim is to empower women to live a life by design and to create a business that supports it. For more information visit or call on 0413 040 007.
Denise Neville, TranZform. Areas of expertiseinclude the following : Life Strategist expert focusing on  Self-Renewal, Facilitating Groups/Workshops, Presenter and Trainer. For more information visit or call on +6143 8844 688.
Kirsti Boothroyd, First Class Leaders Worldwide. Helping women in business unleash their inner leader to achieve success and fulfilment in their careers and life. Having the right leadership skill set can set you apart from your competitors. You must be able to lead yourself before you can lead others. First Class Leaders helps women lead by tapping into their natural intuition to lead by example. These skills will help women grow their business by creating a loyal following with employees, staff & customers. For more info, please see my website
Other Business Services

Barbara Gabogrecan, Home based Business Australia – Business Support.  I am an author, artist, business trainer, speaker, President of two NFP associations supporting the Micro/HBB sectors, developer of an Article Marketing business, organiser of Awards, sit on Government Committees etc.  Call Barbara on 03 5625 5195.

Diana Crosby, Dare to Dream. I help women build relationships for their success. I offer this both in their personal life and the business world. I do this by holding seminars, workshops, one on one mentoring and Keynote speaking presentations.I Inspire, Empower and Motivate women to achieve their dreams.  Call Diana on (07) 3348 7967 or visit

Desolie, Perfect PagesDesolie, an Accredited Editor, supports business and technical writers through editing, proofreading, copywriting, style guide preparation, and training in business and technical writing skills. When you need help to sharpen your writing, visit or phone Desolie on 07 3289 1647.

Gwenda Jayawardhana, Acclique Accounting Software.  We have the Best Accounting Software for Homebased Business!  BAS & Financials, Click! Done. So easy to use! Personal Customer Support. Australian owned & operated business.  For more information go to or call Gwenda on 1800 260 888.

Julie McLeod, Kharma Feng Shui. Feng Shui Master Practitioner for home, home based business, small business up to large companies/corporations. For more information go to or call Julie on 0417460741.

Tanya Bunyard.  Managing Director.  mboldn.  Equiping you with the skills to take action.  Enhance your business’s financial and personal rewards with positive people interactions.  Have confidence in confrontational situations; have more profitability from harmonious work solutions; have strength when put in situations with difficult people; have knowledge to progress difficult teams.

Wendy Tadokoro, Organising Works.Wendy assists businesses and individuals to be organised and efficient at work,specialising in resolving paper, time and information issues.  Organising Works can establish systems, write procedure manuals and conduct customised workshops and training programs.They save you time and energy so that you can focus on what really matters to your business.  For more information call Wendy on 0407 967 715 or visit our website at

Michelle Pavel, Protext Pty Limited. They are into various fields like IT, Defence, Real Estate, Beauty, Construction, Law Enforcement, Superannuation. Their areas of expertise are as follows: business development, process and procedure development, customer attract strategies, quality assurance, workflow and management enhancement, staff performance improvement, customer satisfaction assessment and improvement, business documentation including tenders, proposals, operational manuals and marketing including collateral, copywriting, advertisements, web content, internet marketing, SEO and more. For more information call Michelle on 0458 338 529 or visit their website at

Kelly Jackson, Puro Design. Kelly specialises in connecting companies to their target market by enlivening their Corporate Brand. Our Brand Management services focus on solving image & marketing problems; whether it’s a simple logo design or a complete brand makeover for small, medium or large companies. My graphic design serivces include logo design, corporate identity, brochures, flyers, business brochures, web design, invitations, posters, business cards and stationery. For more information visit or call on 0424 245 411

Helen Butler, Clutter Rescue. Clutter Rescue provides a professional organising and decluttering service for busy households.  Their clients are work at home mum’s who are managing their household, working outside the home, or a mix of both.  Because of this they offer a number of different services that suit a mum’s busy schedule, priorities and specific organising needs.
If you feel like you’re being controlled by your stuff or want to return to the same level of organisation you had pre-children contact Clutter Rescue today.  They will support you to create the peace and calm you deserve in your home. For more information visit or call on 0409 520 004

Helen Butler, Organise Your Site. Do you need a website but have no idea where to start?  Do you have a website but it just isn’t hitting the mark?  Organise Your Site is here to help!
Organise Your Site provide a complete website planning service.  They work with you to plan and develop your website content and then manage the building of your site.  Imagine what a well structured and well designed website could do for your business – what more could you ask for! For more information visit or call on 0409 520 004

Debbie UsmarAnasoft Consulting Pty Ltd. Currently setting up a website with the main focus on women finding trustworthy small & home based businesses in their area.  You will be able to find businesses and read referrals left buy others.  In turn the business can set up a website thru the site for a mininmal annual fee, therefore cutting advertising costs. For more information visit or call on 07 3824 6262

Jayne Jennings, Sisters in Success. Main areas of expertise are: Time Management Styles and Work Life Balance for working women. For more information visit or call on 0423 133 530.

Liz Parker, VA Placements. They help you find the Right Virtual Assistant by providing a free recruitment service.They have over 300 virtual assistants who are all bound by a code of conduct that is monitored by a professional standards panel.  

How their system works :  They take a full brief from you, match your needs with the skills of our VA's and introduce 2-3 VAs to you for selection.This is a business to business arrangement with no risks – just pay for the work that you need. For more information visit or call on 073297 5656 | 0403 265 028.

Katie Johnson, Absolute Assistance – Virtual Assistant. Absolute Assistance – Virtual Assistant is a secretarial and business administration services provider. They are not an agency. They are a freelance business support provider with many years experience in different areas of administration for all of your administrative requirements. 

They are here to allow your business to have administration support when you need it and with someone who gets to know you and your business. No need to hire a temp and continually have to spend wasted hours training or retraining someone new each time. Absolute Assistance – Virtual Assistant will work with you to ensure that your business requirements are met every time. 

For more information visit or call on 0410 442 623

Rebekah O'Rourke,T-Consult Pty Ltd. My purpose in work is to enable leaders across various sectors to take up their roles effectively at both the individual and team level. Australian leadership continues to be a challenge and we have enormous opportunity to improve how we lead and the subsequent impact we have on our institutions. For more information visit or call on 0404 063 490.

Cathy Sanders, P3 Goals. Areas of expertise include the following:


-Goal setting

-career developement

-communication technqiues

-Job search training and support


-Positive communication in any situation

-People Management

-Learning and development

-Management and leadership training

-Business mentoring


-weight loss support

-personal training

-exercise prescriptions for all ages and levels

For more information visit their website at or call on 0400 040 591.

Maree Brodie, My Go2 Girl. Helping small businesses reach their marketing goals via cold calling services.Relocation assistance for small businesses and domestic.General declutter and organisation when wanting to "open for inspection" your home/unit.  Also declutter your home.Grocery shopping, pick up and deliveries that need TLC. For more information visit or call on 0409 611 681.

Joanne Davy, JD Celebrations.There will be many special moments in your life , from your wedding day, naming your baby, celebrating your anniversary or renewing your vows. These are a time of celebration filled with love, laughter, family and friends. Every celebrations is unique as are the persons involved so it is important that your day is a reflection of who your are. I take a genuine interest in making sure your ceremony includes everything you wanted.Together, we can plan the ceremony of your dreams. For more information visit or call on 0414 768 391.

Melanie Nicholson, Consensus Enterprises. Areas of expertise include : Conflict Resolution and Management Training, Conflict Coaching, Bullying and Harassment and About Mediation. For more information visit or call on 0402 018 437.




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Community and Human Services Mining and Energy
Community and Political Organisations Networks and Associations
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