Weight Loss and Healthy Eating

Amanda Clark, Advanced Dietician – Great Ideas in Nutrition. An award winning combination of a specialised nutrition and diet bookshop and an expert dietary counselling service.

Desi Carlos, Dietician. Tree of Life Nutrition Dietitians, Nutritionista, exercise physiologists and corporate health. Resident dietitians of 97.3FM radio and representative dietitians for QLD coeliac society. Regularly seen on Brisbane Extra. Look great, feel great! Be Inspired! For Life!  Desi is also director and consultant dietitian for Jus Gourmet Healthy frozenmeals 

Lisa Vance, I've Got Life. I am passionate about promoting health and celebrating life. I have studied nutrition and psychology and have certificate in cordon bleu cookery. Workshop 1:Creative cooking workshop. How to make healthy simple food look and taste great. How to get experimental in the kitchen.Covering the art of presentation – basic tips and tricks. Workshop 2: Creative cooking with kids. Having fun in the kitchen, with a health spin. For more information call Lisa on  0400 325 341 or visit

Michelle Anderson.  Chief Client Consultant.  Adventures in WEIGHTloss. "A widly effective journey to a slimmer, healthier, more vibrant you – for life!"

Nirala Jacobi.  Naturopathic Physician.  Jacobi - Natural Health Care.  Total health for busy women.

Vivienne Scales. HERBALIFE INTERNATIONAL. Our areas of expertise include; Cleanse,Absorb and Regenerate Healthy Cells with Herbalife Cellular Nutrition.  Weight Loss, Weight Gain and Maintain. Outer Nutrition Products.  Anti Ageing Skin Care, body care and Shampoos. I use Less Insulin with Diabetes. No more pain with Arthritis, Dress Size 14 to 10, and I feel and Look the best I ever have..Let me help you and your loved ones. Get Health then Wealth! or call 0431 407 807

Sally Symonds, Sally Symonds Healthy Life Mentor. Sally specializes in helping people lose weight and attain a work / life balance in time-efficient ways.  Having lost over 50% of her body weight, she’s an expert in the field.  Sally offers online services, individual consultations and group / corporate services.  She is also the author of the upcoming “50 Steps to Lose 50 kg . . . And Keep It Off” (due September 2010).  Everyone can be a fitter and healthier version of themselves.  Find out how at or call on 07 3278 4785.

Roslyn Bates, alkAlive.alkAlive, the closest water you will ever find to “The Fountain of Youth” drinking and using Alkaline Ionized Water can provide truly remarkable results for your health and wellbeing. 

Health begins with water.  It is the most essential element required by the body.  75% of Australians are dehydrated, many chronically! A mere 2% drop in body fluids can trigger fuzzy short-term memory, trouble with basic math, and difficulty focusing on the computer screen or on a printed page.  To be healthy means to be correctly hydrated.

alkAlive, unquestionably the finest "ALIVE" drinking water available for your home or office. For more information visit or call on 07 3353 9888.

Healthy Lifestyles

Bernadette Mummy’s Wish Inc.  Helping mums with cancer.

 Corinne Torres, Results Coaching Pty Ltd.  I am a certified Coach & Trainer with national and international accreditations and a track record of delivering improved outcomes and performance. I am skilled in both accelerating results for already high performers or assisting those who are troubled to resolve issues and challenges. My focus is on solving the unresolved emotions behind the nagging personal performance, confidence and behavior problems you and your organization are looking to overcome. 1:1 or Group Coaching – Workshops & Seminars.  Please call Corinne on 0412 928 260 or visit for more information.

Want to quit smoking with hypnosis?  I am a trainer hypnotherapist and I enjoy helping people quit unwanted habits.  I have refined my techniques in the last couple of years and my clients achieve now consistent results in less than two hours.  It means that they progress from being an active smoker to a non-smoker in one session, with no cravings, no withdrawals symptoms and no weight gain.  Do you want to be one of them?  Call 0412 928 260.

Dianne Mead.  Di Verse Enterprises Australia.  Emotional Healthcare.   Di Verse Enterprises Australia has evolved to meet the demand of our times with the need for emotional care and education being respected as a necessity for holisitc wellbeing.

Ellen Bendin.  Manager, JOYA-Australia.  Handy & effective massage rollers for private and professional use. Relax anywhere & anytime! M: 0406 971 387

Emma Osborne.  Lifestyle Physiotherapist.  Lifestyle Therapies offers the following professional services.  Healthy Lifestyles – physiotherapy, lifetstyle medicine, dietetics, exercise therapy, nutrition/naturopathy, pilates, massage and weigh losss.  Healthy Industry – pre-employment assessments, health screening, workplace physical conditioning, ergonomic assessments, worksite evaluations, manual handling training and rehabilitation.

Ensha Reiya. Pathways To Potential. Intuitive consultant, energy healing, flower essences, workshops and retreats designed to align the body mind and spirit. Enabling you to live life with more energy, enthusiasm and purpose. Phone Ensha on (07) 38996808 m 0409 040 283 or visit for more information.

Gabriela Thiecke, ARTEMISIA Natural Medicine. Gabriela's areas of special interest are Mood – Addictions – Skin – Weight Management. She also treats all chronic diseases. Her areas of Expertise are as follows : Modalities- Herbal Medicine, Nutritional Medicine, Homeopathy & Homotoxicology.For more information call Gabriela on 07 3366 9975 or email her at their site at

Jan Wyatt, Inner Harmony and Healing. Reconnective Healing-Heal yourself, Heal others. This is new,real and different.Experience a new form of healing.  EFT Meridian Tapping A wonderful tool for clearing emotional blocks,phobias and fears. High success rate.  Please call Jan on 0418 894 946 or visit

Jennifer Beadnell.  Proprietor, VeitaBlu Health Sensations.  Creating Good Health.   0407 487 699

Jill Talbot.  Sales & Marketing.  Bio-Medicals Pty Ltd.  Australian/New Zealand Analytical & Nutraceutical Health & Wellness Systems.  'Devoping the Future of Healthcare Naturally…Today.'  Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis, 'Find Out What You're Really Made Of.'

Judith Gordon, Creative Arts Therapist. Judith offers counselling for individuals, children, families, groups and workplaces. She uses a creative arts therapy approach which provides safe and supportive companionship to assist the client in coming to some undestandings about their own experiences. Engaging with the arts and using a range of modes allows us to connect with what might be unknown or difficult to articulate and understand.  Please call Judith on 0407146830 for more information.

Karen O'Shea, Soul Bliss Massage Therapy.  We offer many forms of massage therapy including remedial, relaxation and deep tissue.  Assisting with the management of stress, pain, emotional trauma.  Please phone Karen on 0408 708 906 for more information.

Karen Ruesse Sense Consulting.  It’s your choice to change!  Chinese Astrology; Feng Shui & Energy Clearing; NLP Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Kim Balson, Naturopath. My areas of expertise centre around the 5 key areas from which most states of ill health emanate: Digestive, hormonal, lifestyle, nutritional and immune. I like to specialise in female hormonal conditions and have written a widely acclaimed book "Woman to Woman – managing your hormones safely and naturally". Saliva hormone testing is available (much more reliable indicator than blood testing) and food allergy /digestive/stool testing and analysis is available. GET TO THE BOTTOM OF YOUR PROBLEM AND FEEL WELL EACH DAY! Please call Kim on (07) 3848 9800 or visit

Lauren Postans, accredited Exercise Physiologist.  Rothbury Health & Lifestyle Connection.  Personal training, corporate health programs, health workshops, health & fitness assessments, injury rehabilitation, nutrition, exercise, weight management, pilates and group fitness

Linda Benn, Body Therapist – Heart Light Energy. Bring healthy balance back to your mind, body & soul through osteopathically-based body therapy.

Marie-Elise Allen. Public Speaker, writer and pioneer in promoting sexual health, happiness and wellbeing. "Exploring, sensuality, sexuality, spiruality and life."

Maria Brady – Kinesiologist. "Instead of giving yourself reasons why you can't, give yourself reasons why you can"… How wonderful will you feel when you change your limiting belief systems and old thought patterns to be able to achieve your goals? Maria uses: kinesiology, NLP, flower essences, Reiki, and holds workshops. Enabling you to live life with passion and purpose. Call Maria on 0423 829 722 for more information or visit

Melanie Surplice. Revive Holistic Marketing. I’m the Managing Director and head trainer at Revive Holistic Marketing. Following a successful 18-year corporate career, I chose to combine my love of marketing and communications with my passion for holistic therapies.  I have 12+ years global marketing, communications and public relations experience across the technology, media and publishing, and tourism sectors; in global, public companies, small-to-medium businesses and start-ups. I’m also a qualified massage therapist and reiki practitioner. For more information visit or call Melanie on 0416 925 405.

Merendi Leverett-Bowler, Merendi Health & Wellness. Our areas of expertise include: Women's Health, Chronic Disease Management, Pregnancy & Post natal health and fitness, Corporate Health & Wellness, Injury & Occupational Rehabilitation, Weight Management and Stress Management.  Please call Merendi on 1300 881 536 or visit

Nathalie Panic-Vaucher.  Director, All Pampering.  We are passionate about sharing the importance of Quality Me-Time for women. We have 3 ways to help you discover yourself again:* Ladies' Escape :unique group pamper session. 3 hours of fun, mingling, and loads of pampering!!!* our All Pampering Expo (the name says it all!) and our Health Seminar.  For more information call Nathalie on 0402 296 062 or go to

Sharon Moore, The Foot Spa. I have 18 years Spa & Beauty experience and was an owner of previous spa in UAE. I set up business from scratch, in UAE and managed 13 Spa properties in Thailand.  Happy to share international knowledge with members.  Call Sharon on 0437 333 077 or visit for more information.

Susan Living Director, The Clean Living Institute.  Stop Smoking; Stress Reduction.

 Tracy Davis, Breast Imaging Australia. Tracy specializes in Breast Imaging and Health. Call Tracy on 0422 990 320 or email her at

Emma Clarke, Enhance Fitness Health & Wellness. Enhance Fitness Health & Wellness is a mobile exercise physiology service specialising in personal training, personalised exercise programs, health coaching, chronic disease management, rehabilitation and corporate health.

Whether you're looking to improve your fitness, prevent or manage a chronic condition, make some lifestyle changes or find a solution to keep your employees healthy; the university qualified staff at Enhance Fitness Health & Wellness are here to help you. For more information visit or call on 0438 447 735.

Faye Kendall, Brisbane Osteopathic Centre. Faye treats using cranial or biodynamic osteopathy. Cranial osteopathy is where there is no clicking or cracking of the joints. It is a gentle form of natural therapy that can help with many musculoskeletal symptoms, i.e back pain, pelvic and hip pain, stress and neck pain. She has a special interest in women's health and all conditions relating to pregnancy. For more information on Faye call 07 3311 5655 or visit

Valerie Chambers, Essential Oils 4 Healthy Living. Owner at Essential Oils 4 Healthy Living, Essential Oil Consultant, Alternative Health Consultant, Raindrop Technique Practitioner, Home Based Business Specialist. For more information visit or call on 0439701164.

Alli Lee, Chiropractor. For more information please visit and or call on 3368 1100. Address: Park Road Medical Centre, 33 Park Rd, Milton QLD 4064.

Nicola Macdonald, Acupuncture Emporium. Areas of expertise include : Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine amd Massage. Specializing in Natural fertility, IVF support, Pregnancy and Obstetric Acupuncture. Also many years expertise in pain management, including sciatica, arthritis, neck and shoulder pain, tendonitis, migraines menstrual pain and irregularities. Other areas include sinusitis, digestive issues and much more. For more information visit or call on 0402130523. 

Iveta Lott, Simply Bowen. Simply Bowen specialises in the gentle, hands on modality of Bowen Therapy where healing is facilitated by changes made to the connective tissue & fascia of your body.

Bowen Therapy is a great way to help help problems such as back, neck, shoulder, hip, knee & ankle pain; stress & tension; migraines & headaches; hormonal imbalances; infertility; colic in infants; sports & accident injuries; fibromyalgia; golfer's & tennis elbow & more.

Bowen not only helps with specific problems but can become part of maintaining a healthy body – keeping it in balance & a healthier state. Your body will love you for it! for more information visit or call on 0423 777 042.



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