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thrivingIn Australia, we are facing two natural disasters – the horrific bushfires in Victoria and the devastating floods in North Queensland.  No one is unaffected by these horrendous tragedies and our hearts go out to the hundreds of victims and their families.

Globally we also are being weighed down by the world wide economic crisis.  If you are one of the thousands of women in Queensland who have taken the challenge of starting up a new business in the past 12 months, you might be feeling a little shaky right now.

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Be, do and have

success1“Be all that you can be Kylie.”  This was said to me recently by a friend, as I was  contemplating the pro’s and cons of taking up a new challenge and stepping outside my comfort zone.

I stopped mid sentence, as the words floated around us both and I tried to absorb what was really being said to me.

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