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Making The Most Out Of Networking…

networking11When you are commencing in your own business, attending networking events can be a tad overwhelming.  If you compare networking to other forms of new business development, it is less expensive and very effective.

You’ll need to find the right networking event for you and your business. It’s also important to remember that it does take time to reap the benefits of networking. Just like you can’t build a highly successful business or career overnight, the same patience and timing needs to be applied to networking.

For anyone new to networking the most important lesson to learn is that it’s not all about ‘you.’ The key to successful networking is showing interest in other people and what they are doing, genuine interest too. The best networkers have a real interest in people and it shows because they come across as authentic in their interactions.

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Lingerie or Underwear

lingerie1Recently, after a great girlie trip to the Bunya mountains, I realised that I was sadly lacking in the lingerie department.  Well when I say sadly lacking, I mean wearing sexy lingerie is not an everyday event for me.  I have always thought lingerie was something for special occasions.  Isn’t underwear and lingerie two totally different things?  Apparently not. 

According to my niece in her early twenties, wearing beautiful lingerie is an every day occurrence.  She was appalled that I might consider saving such treasures for evenings of romance.  ‘What do you wear the rest of the time, nanna knickers’ she scoffed.  Well I wouldn’t have quite called them that.

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PMS or princess?

pmsA male friend asked me recently if PMS was just an excuse for women.  "Excuse for what?" I asked.  "You know, so a woman can be more…difficult, than usual."

Since when do we need an excuse?  I jest, of course, but PMS is complex and an area of female health that is rife with misconceptions.  It is also an area women feel embarrassed to talk about and partners can feel unsure how to broach.

I spoke with Nirala Jacobi about this.  Nirala is a qualified healthcare practitioner with over 10 years experience. She recently wrote this article on PMS to help women have a more thorough understanding of what is happening in their bodies when experiencing PMS and how you can manage this both effectively and naturally.

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On your bike Ms Jodie…


When you have a monumental birthday approaching, it is hard not to really start thinking about your life. 

Birthdays often serve as milestones in our lives where we check-in to see if life is progressing (as we think it should.)  If only life was this straight forward! 

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