Women in Business Update – January

Female board directors bloom in Australia:   TRAVEL and accommodation company Wotif appointed its first \female director in the past six months — chartered accountant Kaylene Gaffney. The posting marks further small steps forward on the long road to get more gender balance on the boards of corporate Australia.

Great Special Report: Top 5 Facebook Case Studies from 2010

Small Business News: Our Outlook for 2011 Don’t worry about the future outlook of small business as 2011 dawns. Sure there are some challenges but just look at the opportunities. We’ve cobbled together an end of the year roundup with some tips to inspire you. Happy New Year!

Technology tops 2011 resolutions for small business: (Reuters) – Charlie Raines has resolved to become more Web savvy in the New Year in order to haul in business overseas for his fledgling Florida-based seafood company.

9 Essential SEO Tips For Small Business In 2011:  The end of a decade is upon us and as we ring in and welcome the new year, we do so by building upon what we have accomplished and hopes of achieving our new goals we have set forth. Social media has broken down the communication barriers and helped to pave the way for small businesses to emerge and thrive. While we continue to see growth amongst users within social media, we cannot overlook the power of search engine optimization and getting found.

Small Businesses Get Futuristic: From batteries that breathe air to traffic-free commutes, the next five years will be full of futuristic technology that will transform the way you work and play, according to predictions from IBM

How to Navigate a Small Business through Economic Turbulence: Small businesses were among the hardest-hit by the economic free fall and many are still reeling from the effects. Each time the economy takes a dive, even the most steadfast small business owners contemplate drastic measures such as overhauling the company, including a new mission statement and purpose. Fortunately there’s a better option: modest transformation while maintaining your company’s core values. Here are some tips to weather the storm without losing your corporate identity.

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