Women In Business Update – May

womeninbusinessHow Small Businesses Can Use Twitter to Improve Customer RelationsTwitter has quickly become one of the most powerful mediums for small businesses to handle customer relations. At any hour, at any location, a customer can blog, Tweet or Facebook to air their grievances or sing praises of a business. And one bad comment that goes viral can significantly damage a company’s reputation and bottom line.
Entrepreneur Checklist: 4 Things to Do in May  We are definitely moving through this year at a rapid pace. And, if you are entrepreneur, the hectic pace of life probably makes it feel as though time is flying by even faster. April’s entrepreneur checklist addressed a few items that would help you evaluate the first quarter of the year, and prepare for this, the second quarter.
Response: Is SEO DOA As a Core Marketing Strategy?  Reuters posted an article yesterday entitled, “Is SEO DOA as a core marketing strategy?” and trust me, I know better than to respond and fuel attention to a writer who is either naive or trying to stir up the bee’s nest with a contrarian title. I suspect there may be a bit of both in this situation. 
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