Women in Business June Update

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The working woman's dilemma:  Women are no longer left out in the cold when it comes to landing the top job. But if they take time out to have children will they ever reach the pinnacle again?

Women entrepreneurs reveal their favorite business books:  If you're looking for some summer reading, take advice from the experts. We asked 21 women entrepreneurs what business books were most influential to them.

Where are the women? I was speaking this week at the ADC Future Summit in Melbourne and there was some discussion on the fact that Australia is fast going backwards when it comes to women in leadership roles.

Hitting The Gender Mark:  When it comes to marketing, author John Gray is right on the money – “Men are from Mars and Women Are from Venus.” There are significant differences in the way men and women process marketing messages. The better you understand those differences, the more effective your marketing – and return on investment – will be.

2 Responses to “Women in Business June Update”

  • Just read the post article ‘Where are the women?’- so true that women get better results, that’s because we are organised and can multi-task, something that scars men to death. Therefore they will go out of there way to make sure women don’t move up the ranks, i’m sure it’s all about ego!

  • Kylie the article on “Women entrepreneurs reveal their favorite business books” was great! I went straight to Amazon and bought 2 of the books for my iPhone Kindle (gotta love that Kindle). Plus one of the entrepreneurs featured is a professional organiser from the US whom I will meet at our Australasian professional organiser conference this year (hence I bought the book she suggested of course!)

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