October Wise Woman Update


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Push for establishment of register of women in SMEs to encourage more female directors

Grumpy old women? Try 50, fit and fabulous!

Put more women on corporate boards, says Sex Discrimination Commissioner

High Paying Jobs for Women Are Often Non-Traditional Jobs

One for the Records – Five Women Win Nobel Prizes in 2009

Getting a handle on what drives women to buy

Women`s Groups and Businesses Create a Conduit with Their Communities and Get Access to Millions of New Users

Women-Focused Networks Are Reaching More and More Women…

22 Things You Don’t Know About Your Customers

Seven Ways to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

Entrepreneurs create their own recovery

Australian Women Still Face Gender Discrimination on Their Way to the Board Room Reveals New Report.

Australian population boom breeds economic fortune.

Australian mums are using social networking websites to maintain relationships

Does networking really work?

Stop telling me I’d be happier in the kitchen.

Expert Q&A, affordable small business marketing in our economy.

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